5 Fall Fruits & Veggies Your Skin Will Love

You can slather on all the rich creams and serums you desire, but when it comes down to a clear, radiant complexion, nature provides a beautiful bounty.

Autumn is a lovely time of year, especially because some of our favorite healthy fruits and vegetables are in season. These five are our pick of the crop for smoother, glowing skin:

1. Pumpkins. This Halloween favorite makes more than just a super Jack o’lantern. Puree can be made from the pumpkin flesh itself and cooked into soups and pies, etc. The easiest way is to save the pumpkin seeds and roast them in the oven. The seeds are rich in zinc and vitamins A and E, which are all superb for great-looking skin, nails and hair.

2. Apples. No matter which type you choose, an apple a day will always serve you well. The best way to eat these for the full benefit is fresh and raw with the skin on. Apples contain tons of beneficial anti-oxidants, and most of that punch is from their skin. This orchard fruit contains healthy B and C vitamins to keep the complexion clear and radiant.

3. Beets. This fall veggie is purely purple and pretty, armed with nutrients like Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron and B vitamin folate. Your skin will stay clear and firm with beets on your plate.

Juicing is the finest way to pick up all the benefits. You will need 1/2 green apple, 1 beet and 2-3 stalks celery.

Add all ingredients to a vegetable juicer. Gently mix juice together and consume immediately.

4. Cauliflower. Nothing says autumn like a wonderful side dish of steaming cauliflower. This cruciferous veggie comes packed with folate and Vitamin C to keep your complexion naturally hydrated. Cauliflower also boosts oxygen levels in the blood, thereby removing toxins and keeping skin luminous and youthful.

Roasting caulfower in the oven with a little olive oil is an excellent way to savor all its goodness. Roasting presrves the whole mineral content of the cauliflower.

5. Cranberries. If you desire flawless, clear skin, then don’t skip cranberries. These small red berries contain the compound resveratrol, and antiseptic properties maintain a healthy, pimple-free complexion.

It’s natural to reach for the juice, but fresh cranberries contain the most antioxidants, and dried cranberries run a close second. Bottled cranberry juice contains the least nutrients.

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