Beauty Benefits & Uses of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

yay-11861178Many dermatologists and skin care specialists are promoting the use of natural skin care products, reflecting the growing interest in natural and organic beauty products. Skin care products made from natural ingredients are much safer and gentler to use compared to synthetic products containing potentially harmful chemicals. One of the best natural ingredients that offers lots of beauty benefits is the extra virgin coconut oil.

Coconut fibers produce edible oil that has various health benefits. Many studies show that it can maximize the body’s defense mechanism, help with the digestive process, and maintain blood cholesterol at normal levels. It’s also a fantastic beauty aid.

Skin Care

Extra virgin coconut oil has valuable anti bacterial properties besides being a great skin moisturizer. Its main benefits for skin treatment include helping with acne and psoriasis problems. You don’t have to worry using this oil as moisturizer even if you have super sensitive dehydrated skin, it will work perfectly without giving you any funny sensations or negative side effects. However for precaution, you might want to try it on a small area on your skin first, this natural ingredient doesn’t have any side effects but some people do have an allergy to coconut.

Anti Aging

Liver spots will develop on your skin as you age, with the addition of sun exposure for a long period of time, the signs of aging will become very obvious. Extra virgin coconut oil is able to rejuvenate and repair the skin tissue as well as plump out the complexion, so it will finally reduce liver spots and wrinkles, making it more firm and looks a lot younger. Coconut oil can work effectively for skin treatment because it can be easily absorbed and sink deep into skin layers.


People who live in tropical climates have been using coconut oil for many centuries to make their hair stronger and shiny. Extra virgin coconut oil contains a good amount of vitamin E, protein, and fatty acids that can feed your hair and make it shinier. It also will restore skin oils that often lost through the scalp. Natural oil is an effective ingredient to get rid of head lice and dandruff. To use extra virgin coconut oil for your hair, applying it sparingly on your hair should be enough, or your hair could get too greasy and look unattractive.

Weight Loss

Most people agree that you will look more attractive when you have an ideal weight, and extra virgin coconut oil can actually help you to reach your weight loss goals. Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids which also known as “good fats” that are easily assimilated into the blood stream and turns into energy. The result is you will have improved metabolic system that will lead to faster weight loss. Some studies have proved that extra virgin coconut oil can improve the metabolism rate by 48%, and the amazing part is the effects will last for about 24 hours after taking it.

Those are just some of the great benefits of extra virgin coconut oil for beauty treatment. There are many other great things you can find about this awesome natural product. There are actually quite many beauty products that are using coconut oil as main ingredient but some of them might have gone through hydrogenation process that could be harmful to your health, so you should only use a completely natural product, which is no other than the extra virgin coconut oil.

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