The Beauty Benefits & Uses of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is loaded with almost all of the necessary vitamins and minerals you need for healthy skin and hair. Copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, iodine, B-complex, and chromium make up for jojoba oil’s many health benefits and has virtually no harmful effects which is great for those with sensitive skin. While more like a liquid wax rather than an oil, it has no color or odor. It also has a fairly long shelf life so it can sit in your cabinet for quite a while.

Because it’s anti-bacterial, non-toxic and anti-inflammatory, its many beneficial qualities make it an extremely useful ingredient for skin and hair applications.

Jojoba Oil Uses for Skin

It’s no wonder jojoba oil is a common component in so many beauty products.  Jojoba oil can help promote glowing, healthy skin while combating skin scarring, sun damage, facial wrinkles and even stretch marks.

To use it as a facial cleanser in the morning and evening, soak a cotton ball or pad in jojoba oil and gently apply it on your face, followed by removing the oil with a damp washcloth. This will get rid of any makeup residue and impurities right away.

As a moisturizer and wrinkle fighter, you can apply jojoba oil topically on your face. At first, the oil may leave a shine, but you can simply pat away any excess oil with a cloth. The oil can also be used for your body. After you take a shower or bath, putting a few drops on your skin will seal in the moisture and leave it feeling clean and smooth. You can also massage your body with jojoba oil before bathing, giving you radiant skin after washing up.

Jojoba Oil Uses for Hair

Dry and frizzy hair is a common problem, but jojoba works to bring back your hair’s natural shine and soft texture.

For a hair conditioner, you can massage the oil directly onto your scalp, hair, and hair ends. The oil covers the entire hair follicle and protects it from damage that can dry out and weaken your hair. Massaging the oil onto you scalp also aids in reducing hair loss and keeps the scalp clean, healthy, and moisturized.

If your hair is dull, you can use jojoba oil to attain a natural luster by putting a few drops onto your hair and working it through with your fingers. This will lock in moisture in the hair shaft, which makes your hair get that healthy shine.

You can additionally use jojoba oil to stimulate hair growth by rubbing it into your scalp to prompt enough blood flow to encourage hair growth. Mixing jojoba oil with coconut or olive oil before shampooing can activate the hair follicles to improve hair growth too.

Jojoba is a powerful addition to your skin and hair care routine.  Add it to your own homemade body oils and lotions, or just use it on its own reap its many benefits.

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