Grow Eyelashes Naturally with Castor Oil

Eyelash growthCastor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from castor beans, and is believed to help grow eyelashes longer and thicker naturally. Castor oil helps condition your eyelashes, making them stronger, shinier and less prone to breakage.  With less breakage and loss, your eyelashes will begin to appear thicker and fuller!

How to Use Castor Oil for Eyelashes

Using castor oil to grow eyelashes is simply done by applying the oil to the base of your eyelashes, or your lash line, just before bed.  The easiest way to do this is by filling an empty mascara tube with the castor oil and using the wand to apply it just as you would with mascara. Alternatively, you can use a q-tip, but be conscious of how much oil is absorbed into the q-tip – you don’t want it to drip into your eye!

Always remember to cleanse and wash off any makeup before applying the castor oil.

Eyelash Growth Time Frame

Eyelashes generally take 7 to 8 weeks to grow back. While you can promote longer and thicker growth, it’s not as easy to speed up the actual rate of growth. However, using castor oil will make new growth much healthier, so while your lashes are growing at the usual rate, they’re quickly transforming into a gorgeous fringe!

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