How to Lose Weight with Apples

An apple a day can keep your calorie consumption in check and help you shed some weight – OK, so it’s not as catchy as keeping the doctor away, but it’s just as good! This humble, ubiquitous fruit isn’t as mysterious or exotic as some so-called miracle diet foods, and that’s lucky for us, because it can be incredibly effective at taking the edge off your appetite.

Apples contain high levels of pectin, a complex carbohydrate that’s often used for medicinal purposes, such as helping lower high cholesterol, regulating blood sugar and improving digestive function. A water-soluble fiber, pectin is commonly sold as a gelling agent for making jellies and jams, and it’s this feature that makes it so compelling as a weight loss aid.

Because it absorbs water and bulks up in your stomach, pectin will create a longer-lasting sensation of fullness as it travels through your digestive system. It also “slows the passage of food through the intestinal GI tract,” which contributes to that sensation.

So what’s the most effective way of using apples to lose weight? For best results, have 2-3 unpeeled apples per day, preferably before meals. If you can’t quite stomach that, apple pectin is even available as a supplement, so you can conveniently get the health benefits without all that munching.

If you’re an apple lover, or you just want to liven up your daily apple consumption, there are countless mouth-watering recipes incorporating raw apples to keep them interesting:

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