Is It Weight Loss Magic? No, It’s Piloxing

Piloxing is a form of exercise that originated in Los Angeles and is becoming popular across the US. It’s gaining popularity for weight loss in the UK as well. Piloxing is a group exercise class that combines boxing, Pilates, and dance and is a new alternative for people interested in something different for weight loss.

While Pilates purists say that Piloxing is nothing like Pilates, Viveca Jensen, creator of Piloxing, insists the class involves what she calls “standing Pilates” done as a series of powerful leg lifts. However Pilates instructors feel about Piloxing’s claims of using Pilates moves, those who have taken Piloxing classes say they get a very powerful weight loss workout.

How Does Piloxing Help With Weight Loss?

Piloxing classes begin with a warmup and then transition to boxing moves to raise the heart rate. The cardio workout part of the Piloxing class is designed to get the heart rate up to 130-140 beats per minute. The class has been described as “a stress relief version of Zumba.” Those taking Piloxing have the option of wearing weighted (0.5 lbs. each) gloves to increase the intensity of the arm workout during the boxing moves. The weighted gloves also make the cardio part of the workout more intense. According to Viveca Jensen’s website, Piloxing is designed to burn maximum calories, build lean muscle, and improve stamina.

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Who Might Like Piloxing?

Many Zumba enthusiasts find Piloxing to be a fun alternative when they want something a bit different. They get the dance moves and boxing moves along with work on targeted sculpting and flexibility. People who like Pilates but want to add cardio fitness work between Pilates classes are also likely to enjoy Piloxing classes. It can also be a good choice for those who want a good cardio workout that can help them lose weight, but who don’t like using cardio machines. If you want to try Piloxing but are not sure you’re ready for the intensity level, you can start out without the weighted gloves. If you find you can take a bit more intensity, you can add the gloves to give yourself more of a challenge.

Viveca Jensen and Her Background in Pilates

Viveca Jensen moved to Los Angeles from a small Swedish town near Stockholm in 1993. A former jazz dancer and Pilates instructor, Jensen started taking boxing lessons after moving to California and eventually chose to combine boxing moves with moves she learned as a Pilates instructor. To Jensen the mixture of strength and femininity was appealing, and she believed others would find this combination appealing too. It appears she was right, because today there are around 7,000 Piloxing instructors in 36 countries. Piloxing instructors must be certified through a nine-hour course taught by Jensen herself. Devotees of Piloxing include celebrities Kirsten Dunst, Hillary Duff, and Kelly Osbourne.

What to Expect from a Piloxing Class

If you take a Piloxing class, you’ll find that many participants take the classes barefoot, because they find it easier to keep up without wearing shoes. After a brief warm-up, you’ll go directly into a fast-paced workout that involves switching between boxing moves and Pilates moves. While there may be brief moments when you can catch your breath, expect to be working out pretty much the whole time. The moves are relatively easy to pick up, and they repeat in sequences, so you can try again if you miss out the first time around. Expect high-energy music in your Piloxing class. People who try it describe it as an intense weight loss workout that is also fun.

Piloxing Growing in Popularity

Piloxing offers an appealing mix of moves, and that fun appeal is the key to keeping people coming back. Moreover, Viveca Jensen continues to create new Piloxing routines to help instructors keep workouts fresh. Piloxing holds great appeal to people who wish they had time for a boxing class, a dancing class, and a Pilates class but simply can’t manage it. The combination of three workouts in one class makes Piloxing an attractive option for fitness enthusiasts and for individuals interested in losing weight. Not surprisingly, Piloxing is gaining recognition in an increasing number of places around the world.

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