What Does It Mean to Be Overfat?

You’re going to start hearing a lot of the term “overfat,” because researchers are warning that up to 5.5 billion people – 76% of the world population – fall into its category. Overfat does not necessarily mean overweight, and even people of normal weight can be considered overfat if they carry an excess of fat in the midsection. According to researchers from New Zealand’s Auckland University of Technology, “The overfat category includes normal weight people with increased risk factors for chronic disease, such as high abdominal fat, and those with characteristics of a condition called normal-weight metabolic obesity.” [source]

What is Overfat?

Researchers involved in the study described being overfat as “a condition of having sufficient excess body fat to impair health.” According to the lead author of the study,┬áDr. Philip Maffetone, “The overfat pandemic has not spared those who exercise or even compete in sports.” [source] So while you may be active, or even athletic, it’s still possible to carry levels of fat high enough to be problematic, or even dangerous. Just when we thought we had it figured out…

Dangers of Being Overfat

Carrying excess fat on your body, especially around the abdomen, can increase your risk of developing, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

How to Tell if You’re Overfat

The easiest and most immediate test comes from FitSync, which suggests that you “pinch the thickness of the fat folds at your waist and abdomen. If you can pinch an inch or more of fat (make sure no muscle is included) chances are you have too much body fat.”




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